The Field

This is good. Don’t cheat yourself – READ IT. I only wish I could write as well and have such wisdom

Through Ink & Image

“The Field,” © Lynn Abbott Studios. Used with Permission.

© 2018 Lynn Abbott

Churchill certainly got it right when he said, “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

Of course, most of us would love to get through life without offending anyone.  Conflict, after all, isn’t generally fun.

Yet, in this world, few people escape unscathed by conflict.

Yup. If you step out the door and onto the field, you enter life’s conflict. Attempt to accomplish anything, your chances of developing enemies increases exponentially…

I learned this the hard way some years ago.  At the time, I had taken some time off from a high pressure career; however, in need of income, I picked up work as a Literature Instructor.

Because of my educational background, I was assigned several popular sections of English Literature. Naturally, I was delighted.

But my new department…

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