LINKS OF INTEREST up dated 11-7-2016


Here is a list of some links that I have found interesting.
I will be updating it as often as I find worthy ones.

I will try and not add any mundane ones.

I will try to make comment on some of them

The following link is to Hemlock Road Baptist, pastor Jeremy Evans, a King James believing Church located in Tawas Michigan.

This is a link to Pastor Evan’s sermon page.
You should do yourself a favor and listen to one of his sermons.
You must check this link out!
It is the place for statistics on everything.  It also has statistics on what people believe in your state.
This can be a fun place or a place that you can get quick statistics for a sermon or article you are writing.


I have not spent a lot of time on some of these links.  Therefore some may not be as proKJV as I would like them to be, but I think they are all solid on the preservation of God’s words as printed in the King James Bible, and that it is THE only Bible God blesses and Satan hates.

here follows are links to King James Bible sites, hope you find some useful.


KJB 1611

400th Year Anniversary of the Authorized King James Version of the Holy Bible, the KJV – 1611 – 2011


King James Bible 1611


The Story Behind The King James Bible


KJV Dictionary – Definitions of words from the King James Bible


English Bible History: Timeline of how we got the English Bible


History of the English Bible – The


The King James Version of the Bible


King James Bible Translators


No dynamic equivalence in the KJV


The Bible For Today HomePage


Introduction to the King James Bible – 1 – YouTube




How to Spot A Counterfeit Bible


213 – Battle of the Bibles / Total Onslaught – Walter Veith – YouTube


King James Version vs. Modern Translations


King James Bible Page: Information on Bible versions


Which Text – Which Foundation


Dr. David D. Allen


Bible Version Issue


Did Westcott And Hort Do What They Were Hired To Do, New Age Bibles, King James Version Bible : Jesusman : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive