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The next time someone tells you how many people were killed by Christianity such as in the Crusades – yes, I know that real Christians never kill those who disagree with them, THAT CHRISTIANS LOVE THEY DO NOT HATE they do not murder– but for those who disagree the following should be a real eye opener :

“USSR:   61 MILLION  people murdered 1917 – 1987


MAO’s ARMY: 3.4 million people murdered 1923-1949

NAZI  GERMANY: 20 million people murdered 1932 – 1945

COMMUNIST POLAND: 1.6 million people murdered 1945 – 1948

COMMUNIST CAMBODIA: 2 million people murdered 1975 – 1979

COMMUNIST VIETNAM: 1.6 million people murdered 1945 – 1975

COMMUNIST YUGOSLAVIA: 1 million people murdered 1944 – 1987

ANTI-CHRISTIAN MEXICAN REVOLUTION: 1.4 million people murdered

TURKEY: 1.8 million people murdered 1900 – 1918

PAKISTAN: 1.5 million people murdered

JAPAN: 5.9 million people murdered.”

And these numbers don’t even include the people killed in the wars initiated by these officially anti-Christian states – such as the estimated 25 million soldiers killed in World War II

THE ABOVE WAS COPIED from “The Politically Incorrect Guide to The Bible”  page 14,15

Talk about violence, there have been 55 million, 874 hundred thousand, seven hundred and fifty seven ABORTIONS since Roe verses Wade and as I am typing this the number INCREASES, and we wonder why there is no peace.  The number of abortions (55,874,570) is indicative of America’s selfish, ugly, violent society.
Our answer to abortion
is to teach our children how not to get pregnant.
What worked in the past was a wedding ring but we have moved from Leave it to Beaver to Modern Family and from Doris Day to Britney Spears, we have taught our children that they are missing out on the fun, hey kids there is no God so get it now, and if things don’t work out, well the grave ends it all.
That is what we are subliminally teaching them, come on you know kids can read the small print.

One thought on “WHO IS MURDERING WHO?

  1. thanks for the great articles from Lindsey and who’s murdering who. i printed both for jim. keep on keepin on larry. hope patty is doing better every day


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