Marginal Notes

The following is very important information for anyone wanting a Bible with marginal notes. I have a few and some of them are well worth the money, but even the best are not Scripture. A red flag for me is when a note reads, “this is not in the oldest manuscripts” or this doesn’t mean what it says, or it uses Acts or Matthew or Hebrews to discredit Pauls epistles then I put it on my apostasy shelf. I would NEVER sell it because I don’t want to spiritually hurt anyone

Pay good attention to the last paragraph in the following article. In fact just read it first then you can read it twice. Yes it is that important. For me, it may be a way of removing the Bible from my apostasy shelf

Narrow is The Way Ministries

One of the biggest problems in Bibles is marginal notes. I can completely derail anyone’s faith by writing a study Bible, and just fill it with notes denying things, utter the worst heresies and blasphemies, and I can get away with it by uttering the High Places statement of 20th and 21st Century Christianity – “But today Scholars believe…”


No they don’t. Most theologians occupy jobs they should not have. If you do not believe Jesus Christ is virgin born, you should resign. To not believe a cardinal doctrine like that, to question even a SINGLE MIRACLE of our Lord… means you are STEALING a job you are not entitled to. And yes, I’m thinking about a man who works for Logos, and writes a lot of books (mostly debunking UFO’s). Logos constantly is pushing his teaching courses and little interviews with him.

There’s nothing he can teach me…

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