Into the transporter I go
Traveling light years away
Going to planet no
A populated planet they say

Planet no is the place to go
To prove Carl Sagan right
He says God has got to go
And Darwin says creation is frightfully wrong

It took some time getting here
The speed is faster as lightning
But now I’m here
Evolution will win without a fight

The transporter rests upon a hill
The door slides open
To be here I am thrilled
The weather’s warm and welcomes me

The sky is blue
The water wet
But nothing else seems to fit
ugly reigns on planet no

Standing, laying, crawling all around me
Many bodies I can see
not a sound as none had tongues
Not a stare for none had eyes

Not an emotion for the huge things never fighting
To protect life or limb
Or to be left alone to live in peace
Only submission when they were eaten

No eyes
No ears
No human beauty
No human goals

I hear a voice from out of the sky
Saying evolution brings chaos
Creation brings love and order
Emotion joy and excitement

To worship God
You are created
I proved it in my death
Upon the cross of love I died for you

You are a fool
To believe Sagan and Darwin
More then me
You’ve been Satan’s tool
To be free – to believe
Go home and read Genesis
And keep on reading to the end of Revelation
Then you will know the peace of truth


The above poem is on a 3rd grade level.

There are two things I cannot do; write poetry and sing.

In reading “Planet no” you may think me a believer that evolution could happen.

No evolution can never happen and never did happened.

The lost think that if there is no God then evolution must be true.

I KNOW that there is a God and therefore evolution is impossible.

The poem main point is that IF evolution were possible, planet no would be the result.
I hope that was obvious.

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