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The Bible is NOT like any other book and Christians must stop treating it as such!  I hope when you finish reading this that you will pray about your stand on the God blessed King James Bible.  And please understand this; I hold EVERY fundamental King James Bible preacher with the greatest respect,  to me they are hero’s EVERY ONE OF THEM.

I wrote the following back in 2012.  Lately, I have been too busy to write anything so
here it is –

I am writing this right after hearing a young man preach on Colossians 1:9-12.  It was a heart felt sermon and many times while giving it he encouraged us to read the Bible.  He preached that
Jesus was the Word of God and the Bible was the Word of God written down.
That is good solid preaching but he never identified which Bible is the Word of God written down.  Perhaps he doesn’t realize how our spiritual fight in this Laodicean church age is a fight for truth as found in the AV1611.  By his silence
he is sending a subliminal message
that it makes no difference which Bible a Christian reads: Good News for Modern Man, ASV, NIV, NKJV, Douay Reims, The New World Translation, or any of the other 200 plus translations which are so popular today.

He should have named the KJV1611 because every other translation is a perverted counterfeit used by Satan to destroy the faith of an entire church age.  God used the KJV1611 from 1700 to the early 1900s to turn three continents to Christ. and he is still using it today. Jesus called it the Philadelphia Church age in Revelation 3:7, and God is still using it today. If you do not agree with that then why are you preaching from it?

Mat 7:20  Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

Let me interject here that this letter  has very few Bible verses because it is meant for preachers.  My hope is the Holy Spirit will supply the Bible verses that will bring YOU to a bold commitment to magnify the AV1611 Bible.  In defense of that I have numerous posts filled with tons of King James Bible verses, please take the time to read them

From 1900 to today, 2016, we have over 200 translations of the Bible and everyone of them differs from the other and from the KJV1611.  They have to do that to get a copyright.  That’s confusion [ 1 Cor 14:33].  When a preacher doesn’t identify the KJV1611 he adds to that confusion, and that is wrong and wrong is sin.  He may think he is doing right by the body of Christ but compromising the truth is never right.  You have probably preached that concept before.  Just preach the truth and leave the results to the Holy Ghost, if He doesn’t bless then just write Ichabod across the church door and go home and get an honest job.

How can a preacher not identify the AV1611 as God’s Word?  Maybe because he has been taught it.  I graduated from Tom Malone’s Midwestern Bible college in 1982. It is a militant KJV1611 believing fundamental college, and yet there were well respected teacher/pastors who did not take a militant stand on the KJV.  We certainly were not taught manuscript evidence or why the KJV1611 is the king of books and God’s final authority.

Most fundamental schools [Bob Jones as an example] openly teach that we have no final authority today, and those who think or teach otherwise are cultish.

I quote from the “RESOLUTIONS – WORLD CONGRESS OF FUNDAMENTALIST AUGUST 1-7, 1983”  Which was held on the campus of Bob Jones University

“We reject as HERETICAL the concept that any translation of the Bible is given by inspiration, which has in our generation fostered a cult …. WE LIKEWISE REJECT THE FACT OF EXALTING ANY VERSION OR TRANSLATION TO THE POSITION HELD UNIQUELY BY THE ORIGINAL WRITING.”

[emphasize are mine]

 Inspiration of the King James Bible is a deception used by Lucifer to give babies an excuse to get their milk from another source, like the NIV.  What difference does it make what I believe?  It is what YOU believe.  Is the A V King James Bible God’s final authority or isn’t it?  What say ye???

Act 24:14  But this I confess unto thee, that after the way which they call heresy, so worship I the God of my fathers, believing all things which are written in the law and in the prophets

Do you think the devil is fearful or worried about some original manuscripts no one has.  I think he loves your willingly ignorant confusion, and he loves your – I don’t want to offend anyone – attitude  for not taking a militant stand for the final authority of the AV1611.  I think that you just may be one of Satan’s useful idiots.  But I am a nobody who quit on the Lord so please forgive me.  I am not being caustic I am trying to be helpful.

A preacher is called to be fearless when preaching God’s Word, but how can he be fearless if he doesn’t really believe in the final authority of the KJV1611 Bible?  To me that preacher is a charlatan and will answer to God for misleading his flock.  If he doesn’t know where final authority is then he should quit, join the Catholic church, and get an honest job along with every big time well known evangelist, preacher, TV celebrity who is not ready to be ostracized for standing on what God has blessed.  So easy to criticize others while never looking at our own weaknesses.

By not taking a militant stand you are subliminally supporting the cults because if the KJV1611 was believed then all cults would be seen as Bible rejecters, and new converts couldn’t so easily be taken advantage of.  Take an easy one like the Jehovah witnesses, John 1:1 would do it but what about 1 John 5:7, even Schofield questioned that verse.  Well if it isn’t suppose to be there then shut-up and sit-down because it all becomes a guessing game.
[Their is a new king in town – 1st Samuel 8 – if you need me to explain that then just file it and move along to the next paragraph]

We believe in creation because we believe Genesis chapter one, and when we think it out it becomes a logical conclusion. We soon realize the only way anyone could believe in evolution today is the rejection of God for if there is no God then evolution must be true no mater how illogical it is.  That reasoning is the same for those who believe the original manuscripts were inspired but God is not powerful enough to preserve them.

Psa 12:6  The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.

Psa 12:7  Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.



  1. Jim always says the same thing “Name it” Most folks just pick the translation that is easiest to understand. They don’t know how important it is or why they should read the KJV.


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