Here follows a testimony by Sara Maat of her born again experience. It is the testimony EVERY BORN AGAIN person should have because salvation is an unforgettable life changing assurance.
If you THINK you are saved then you may not be – If you do not have a similar salvation testimony then you should ask yourself why not, because if you don’t then you are missing out on the COMMON blessing of a Born Again experience.
I am not saying you are a lost soul heading into eternal hell fire punishment. What I am saying is you might be because you have never really known that you were (and still are) a wicked sinner in need of a Saviour; a Saviour who has suffered and died, paying your SIN DEBT. The Lord Jesus Christ did that for you!
For you it was just easy believism .
If you have never had a new nature that is always trusting in your LORD and Saviour such as Sarah Maat has, then you may not be a child of God at all.

Sarah Maat

Taking the plunge!

Hey everyone!!I want to take a moment to share with you my testimony in written form. I proudly told this story for my baptism (Oct 23, 2016.)

I am more than happy to share this story endlessly time and time again. I was once fearful, but I am ready totell the world all about Jesus and the incredible things he has done for me.

Before Jesus saved me, I spent most of my life longing for love, trying to fit in and be accepted. In turn, I tried to find worth in the wrong things and became selfish during my pursuit for happiness.This lead me to commit a lot of sin, which lead to misery instead of joy.

The loss of my mother helped me to see my life needed to change. I was not there for her in her pain because of…

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