Here follows a personal testimony from a guy named Sailor Dale.
He puts it like it is.  It’s a short read and I think you will enjoy it.  Check the rest of his blog out while your there.

I am a Left-Handed Right Winger, Christian Conservative, Extreme Jesus Freak! I Love everyone, especially the Atheist, Humanist, Evolutionist, & LGBTQ. Jesus DOES Love you all, BUT you MUST be willing to Repent of your Sins, And we are All Sinners. There are 2 kind of sinners- the saved ones & the Lost ones. Isaiah 59:1-2… I can assure you that the Bible is 100% CORRECT, 100% of the Time, and you can bet your Eternal Soul on that fact. Retired from the U.S. Navy. Still going out to sea as a Merchant Marine. People get so fanatic about sports, football especially. I would love to see people getting as excited about JESUS as they do for sports- The world would be a whole lot better of a place if that was the case! Evolution is nothing but a Science Fiction Fairy Tale for people that can’t handle the Truth- That In The Beginning, GOD Created the Heavens & Earth! Time will prove evolution to be one of the biggest lies ever foisted upon Mankind! Liberalism IS a Serious Mental Disorder!

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