Liberals are said to think with their heart, and Liberals are the ones who care about you.  Unfortunately, that is only true if you are one of them.
I used unfortunately because if you are a Christian, a real Bible believing Christian, or a Republican, especially a conservative, and you cross them they will do everything to destroy you, and if they could get a law saying it was okay to murder what they consider their enemies they would, and that night they would have a sound sleep knowing that they have done something to preserve peace, joy, and prosperity.

I thought all of that after I clicked on a link on the DRUDGE REPORT.  The link is right below.  Click it and see how the nice, kind, useful liberal idiots really think

WARNING there are very ugly words and thoughts in the following article.  If you do not want to read them then DO NOT GO TO THE LINK.

If you are not a consistent Christian, if you are not reading your King James 1611 Bible every day, if you are not praying every day, If you are not concerned about Liberals and everyone else who have not been born again going to Hell, then YOU may not be saved!  And you know very well what Jesus said about no one going to heaven unless they go by Him

John_14:6  Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

I do not think that too many back sliders are really saved.  And because of that they are pathetic and should be pitied because they know but yet they would rather live in personal deception They are one of the ungodly who are self deluded just going through the motions.  STUPID.  I just do not understand how anyone, with eternity in heaven or the LAKE OF FIRE at stake would not run, crawl, or jump through hoops, to receive God’s precious Holy Son as their Saviour.  To refuse is insanity.

if that is you then click on the following link and get saved.








And/Or I highly suggest that you find a good King James 1611 Bible preaching Church and when they give the alter call – ALL GOOD BAPTIST CHURCHES HAVE AN ALTER CALL – step out into the aisle, walk up front, tell the pastor you NEED to be saved, and follow his directions.  He will do you good.


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