A Literal Hell

There is much to learn in this short blog. I like brother Lewey’s answer to the question how can a loving God send people to an everlasting Hell. And you should mark the Bible references about Hell in your Bible.


Hell.  It is more than just a curse word.  I believe the Bible teaches existence of a literal, eternal Hell.

Hell is the place where those without Christ go until the day of judgment (Also called the Great White Throne Judgment).  After being judged of their sins by God, they will be cast into the Lake of Fire for all eternity.

When I speak of Hell in this post, I am referencing both Hell (Hades) and the Lake of Fire.

There are basically three trains of thought on the subject of Hell:

1.  An outright denial of Hell (most commonly seen in universalism)
2.  A denial of an eternal, literal Hell (most commonly seen in annihilationism)
3.  A belief in the literal teachings of Scripture

Years ago, I made the decision to just believe God’s word, and God’s word does teach of a literal, eternal Hell.

And these shall go…

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