For those who follow my Bible blog, THANK YOU. I know that my writing is far from professional but I do try very hard to give good information and thoughts.
My hope is that God, the Holy Ghost, will bless it and use it.

I want to inform you that
I have added a new page to my blog. Pages are different then posts. Pages are at the top of the blog and they are meant for pertinent information that doesn’t change. Well this page will change but you will not know when it does unless you go directly to my blog. That is because you can only follow posts not pages.

It’s titled, NEW NEWS with the date that I added new material put at the end, that way you will be able to know when I have updated it.
The page will be articles that I find of interest from the internet, with the most recent at the top. I will probably take some old ones offline when the page gets too long.
And of course, I will have to add my comments here and there but they will be brief and I will make sure that they are distinguished from the original article.

Again thank you for reading
May the Lord keep your heart and mind on the Saviour, the LORD Jesus Christ

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