A response to sister Eliza

I got the following comment from Sister Eliza

There are those of us who do read the Bible every day, who do seek to please the Lord Jesus Christ and walk in His ways, who do not attend church because there aren’t any faithful bodies in their localities. I have tried. Please pray that the Lord would lead us to a biblically sound faithful body of believers. Amen!

Here is a link to her blog, check it out it’s a good one.

It is tragic that here in America there are pockets of believers who have no King James preaching, believing, Churches worth attending in their area. While others live in areas that have an abundance of good Christ loving, people loving, sin hating, separated, gospel preaching, King James believing churches and yet many, so called Christians, do not attend.

If you read my blogs and especially the one Sister Eliza commented on (What’s a hypocrite?) you will know I have little toleration for “Christians” who have no convictions about attending Church. Of course, they will not answer to me, but it may be better for them if they did, instead of at the bema seat of Christ. Oh well, their choice, but as for me I will serve the LORD JESUS, through my local Church.
(Acts chapter 20)

However, Sister Eliza is a Christian who has no Bible believing Church in her area.
I do not know where she lives.
In fact, I do not even know if she is a she. You can’t always tell by the name.
There was a race car driver named Joy. If you’re from the Midwest and you were even slightly interested in stock car racing back in the last century then you have probably heard of Joy Fair. He was a big man in both stature and character. Won a lot of races too.
I am rambling, let’s get on with what’s important.

For all who may be in the same dire need as Sister Eliza, I have a suggestion.
First, pray that God will send a preacher that will establish a Bible believing Church.
That’s a given.
I am sure every believer in those circumstances is in prayer over it.

Find someone in the area who could get something going until God sends a pastor.
Perhaps you could use your house as a temporary church.

Let me tell you about one of my hero’s in the faith, Pastor Howie of Bethany Baptist which is located in Clawson Michigan,
It’s about how God used a humble neophyte to fill a vacant pulpit to keep God from writing Ichabod across the front door.
I am telling you this from a distant memory. At the time I started attending, the church was in recovery from the apostasy of replacing the KJB with the NIV.

Bethany Baptist was a growing AV 1611, Bible believing Church when its pastor retired. His son became the new pastor however he was a product of the apostate Bible colleges that find it a necessity to destroy belief in the King James Bible.

After the new pastor replaced the King James pew Bibles with NIV pew bibles, The Church dropped to just a few members and the “pastor” moved on leaving the church that his daddy had pastored with no pastor and not enough money to call a new one.
The Devil did his job well but he lost because enough solid Bible believers hung on.

Brother James Howie was the deacon and a rather new Christian at that. He knew that he was unsuited for the pulpit. However
he volunteered to preach until someone could take over. If he didn’t then the Church would have folded.

Sister Eliza, perhaps there is someone in your area who loves the Lord Jesus enough to set his life aside and help build a Church. He may not feel the calling and he may be ill prepared as brother Howe was but God can make a Gideon ought of him as He did with Brother Howe. Its a heart thing.

The Bible warns us that those who would be a pastor must – no should – have certain qualities. If they think to pastor without meeting those prerequisites then they can do a lot of damage to the Church.
1Ti 3:6 Not a novice, lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil.

However God is not in the business of Church Ichabod. He wants His Church to be a beckon of gospel light, an example to the world of Christian love and priorities.

This is another adjunct, I have often wondered why King James 1611 believing Churches are not filled up. However, now I say that shouldn’t matter because that is God’s business (Acts 2:47). The Church may be there for just a few, but it must never stop being a huge Church for its founder and king, The LORD Jesus Christ.
Meaning that the pulpit should always be the place where God meets with His people.
It is holy ground and therefore the preaching should be with fervor, meaning with conviction.
The preacher must always feel he is preaching to hundreds of people and not a handful.
It must also keep the soul-winning program exciting, even if it is only exciting to a few.

That is the way Brother Howie did it. And Sister Eliza there may be a man in your area who has that kind of character.
God looketh upon the heart and He can make a simple man, such as pastor Howe was, into a great man of God as Pastor Howie now is
(Zec 4:6).
Brother Howe did the best as he could, while trusting God for results. He NEVER was defensive of his position. If questioned about something he never took it personally but always treated those who opposed him with the greatest respect. Too many pastors are the opposite, thinking themselves more highly then they ought to and assuming that they are the pope of their congregation (1 Peter 5:1-6).

But, and this is most important, He was separated and he knew in his heart the truth of the Scriptures.

Pastor Howie was a great influence to me. I had been saved for about twenty years and a graduate of Midwestern Baptist College in Pontiac Michigan when I started attending and Brother Howe had been saved for only a short time but the example of his ministry and the times we had together will always be precious to me. I hope I helped him, but the truth is
he helped me more then I ever did him.
He was my pastor: God’s gift to me.

The point being; perhaps if you need a Church in your area you need to open your house and seek a man that has some God given conviction and spunk enough to do it.

Just a thought


  1. Thank you for your loving, thoughtful and encouraging reply. I hope that God will provide such a man, and I would gladly open my home. Right now, my husband, daughter and I spend time in God’s Word, prayer and singing together. God is so good that we can have this encouragement. Let us trust our good God together to bring about His perfect plan for establishing a godly church in my area. Amen!


  2. Hallelujah to the King of Kings. God is good. I enjoyed reading this and how encouraging it is to hear there are others out there searching and waiting. Let us never give up on God; He is the great I Am. He can provide a man to do His work. Let us be believing in miracles.


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